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Adhesivos para laminados Flextra®

Filtration Adhesive Solutions

Removing an air filter from HVAC system.

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Filtration Adhesive Solutions

Replacing a cars oil filter

Automotive Filtration

La tecnología avanza rápidamente y nos asociamos
con los clientes para innovar para el presente y para el futuro.


Filtration Adhesive Solutions

Adhesives for medical filter potting.

Medical Filtration

La tecnología avanza rápidamente y nos asociamos
con los clientes para innovar para el presente y para el futuro.


Filtration Adhesive Solutions

H.B. Fuller offers a wide range of adhesive solutions designed to meet a variety of requirements that are essential to the Filtration industry. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes multiple technologies, such as hot melt, water-based, urethane, cyanoacrylate and epoxy adhesives.

We recognize that the challenges, priorities, requirements and objectives for filter manufacturers are constantly evolving. In addition to maintaining an extensive product portfolio, H.B. Fuller is committed to developing innovative solutions for many filtration market segments, including membrane separation, air filtration, automotive filtration and medical filtration. We are able to leverage decades of adhesive knowledge and experience in filtration in order to provide solutions to customers quickly. H.B. Fuller has a dedicated team of technical and sales professionals that focus specifically on understanding filtration customers’ evolving needs and delivering innovative adhesive solutions. Whether you produce filters that enable clean water production, life-saving medical procedures, energy production, innovative new pharmaceuticals, or the simple enjoyment of a cold beverage, we have an adhesive solution for you. 

Filtration adhesives available from H.B. Fuller.

Air Filtration:  

Air filtration applications have been around a very long time, and H.B. Fuller has been supplying adhesive products into these markets from the beginning. We continue to listen to our customers’ needs and participate in industry organizations so that our adhesives and sealants will be relevant to the dynamic air filtration market. Our portfolio offers adhesive solutions for several types of air filters, including commercial and residential HVAC filters, as well as high efficiency (HEPA) filters.

Automotive Filtration: 

H.B. Fuller understands the variety and complexity of adhesive applications that exist within the automotive filtration industry. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products that are developed and tested to ensure quality and reliability for several types of automotive filters, including cabin air, engine air, oil and fuel. 

Medical Filtration:

As a leading manufacturer of medical adhesives, our scientists collaborate with the largest global pharmaceutical companies working to provide life-saving products. We have invested in developing products that are certified  to meet the extensive requirements of the medical industry. Our portfolio offers adhesive solutions for several types of filters used in blood filters, face masks, ventilators and more.  

Membrane Separation: 

H.B. Fuller is recognized as a market leader in adhesives for membrane separation. Our innovative product line has gained global acceptance and is used for applications around the world. We are committed to supporting the membrane separation market with our dedicated team of technical experts who help customers select the right adhesive based on the application requirements. Our portfolio includes water desalination, dairy, food & beverage, industrial and more.

Product Certifications: 

Products developed at H.B. Fuller are manufactured to the highest quality levels. Our plants carry ISO certifications and, in some cases, Medical Certifications ensuring our employees safety, the highest levels of quality, and product traceability.  We have a proven track record of producing reliable products and a safe solution for your FDA or NSF products.

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